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UNGER | WH180 72" Easy Adapter Hose for Dual-Compartment Buckets

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SKU 4RP523
Heavy duty adapter hose for dual bucket.
Thanks to the Unger WH180 72" easy adapter hose, you can quickly fill dual compartment buckets while reducing spills and avoiding the strain of lifting heavy pails. Simply attach the end of the hose to a standard faucet and turn on the water to begin filling a bucket on the ground. For maximum convenience, the hose will remain firmly in place without detaching from the faucet, and its 6 foot length easily spans from faucet to bucket (sold separately).
  • Fits on every standard water tap.
  • Bucket is filled on site.
  • Prevents unnecessary walks.
Manufacture: UNGER
Manufacture#: WH180
Bar Code: 4020000000000
Qty\Package: 10
Weight\KG: 0.35
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