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AZOSS | Oxygen Fragrance refill, Zest

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Zest - A vibrant citrus mix of lemon and lime for a bright, uplifting scent


NeutroLox, Oxygen Powered Scent Cartridge, Zest - A vibrant citrus mix of lemon and lime for a bright, uplifting scent


  • A sealed leak-proof fragrance reservoir on activation the reservoir is pierced to allow the fragrance oil to be released gradually and continuously.
  • Tamper proof seal
  • Cellulose filter
  • The oxygen is pumped into the sealed chamber and displaces the fragrance from the reservoir, delivering a specified dose of fragrance onto the cellulose filter continuously.
  • Fragrance molecules are dispersed by the natural air movement within the area or room.
  • All components are fully recyclable

Extra Information

  1. 6.75cm Height, 4.9 Diameter
  2. Pull the tab and remove the refill seal completely.
  3. Rotate clockwise. You will feel the perfume chamber being pierced, keep rotating until the cap is completely locked.
  4. Select for a 30-days or 60-days operation
  5. To put the refill into the dispenser
  6. Unlock the dispenser using the key supplied
  7. Ensure that the activating ring is in the open position before inserting the refill
  8. Align the base of the refill into the base of the dispenser
  9. Activate the refill
  10. Turn the activating ring clockwise to lock the refill in place.
  11. Close the dispenser cover
  12. A green flashing light indicates that the dispenser is operating as per the desired setting.

Manufacture: Oxy-Gen Power

Manufacture#: 01VEZT

Qty/Package: 1

Weight/Kg: 0.1

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