UNGER | erGO! clean Floor Cleaning Kit Velcro Mop

UNGER | erGO! clean Floor Cleaning Kit Velcro Mop

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erGO! clean Floor Cleaning Kit Velcro Mop
The new S-Class! Feel the intuitive motion. Experience the intuitive S-shaped motion with minimal effort – the ultra-fast erGO! clean floor cleaning system. A complete solution for efficient floor cleaning. UNGER developed the innovative erGO! clean floor cleaning system in order to ease the strain placed upon cleaning employees & to make their work easier. Users can thus clean in a faster, more ergonomic & more efficient manner than ever before. The user has to make practically no effort to achieve the S-shaped motion – something which reduces the strain placed upon shoulders, arms and wrists. The telescopic handle of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system can be precisely adjusted to the height of the operator which protects his/her back during cleaning work. With the new erGO! clean floor cleaning system, cleaners can now efficiently manage large scale floor cleaning tasks in which buckets and carts are used. Thanks to high quality components, such as the flat mop with the latest microfibre technology, combining high water absorption with excellent glide properties, both cleaning performance and area coverage increase. By means of the simple and intuitive handling with little training effort, the job is made easier and faster, thereby saving valuable time.
  • A telescopic pole adjusts to the height of each user
  • A unique pole with auto-drive rotating grip reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist
  • Ready-to-use at any time and anywhere
  • Ensures the proper S-motion
  • Compatible with all UNGER floor mop holders or all 21 mm diameter mop holders
  • Kit includes:
  • FAPLW – S-Telescopic pole without trigger
  • FAVMH – velcromophouder 40 cm
  • FAVMC – microvezel velcromop 40 cm
Manufacture: UNGER
Manufacture#: FAKT10
Qty\Package: 1
Weight\KG: 4

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