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UNGER | ST450 Microfibre String Mop, Green

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Green Microfiber Kentucky Mop
green heavy duty microfiber string mop head with a 4 1/2" band combines the cleaning power of microfiber with the simplicity of a traditional string mop. Made of thin, densely packed synthetic fibers, this mop absorbs up to 7 times its weight to ensure effective liquid pick up, retention, and rinsing. It has 32 strands with looped ends for greater floor coverage, a streak-free finish, and faster drying. Plus, it features a scrub pad material on the headband to help remove stubborn scuffs and spots. This mop head's manufacturing process creates a positive charge, allowing it to attract negatively charged dust and dirt particles better than a standard cotton mop. It's also part of Unger's SmartColor system and has green accents that distinguishes it for use in kitchens and prep areas to reduce cross-contamination, improve performance, and simplify training. With the ability to be machine washed and dried up to 500 times for long-lasting use, this heavy duty microfiber mop head is an essential addition to restaurants, cafeterias, and catering facilities.
  • Microfibre strings increase liquid and dirt absorption.
  • Looped ends provide greater floor coverage and control; no tangling while laundering.
  • Faster and streak free floor drying.
  • Use with Unger String Mop Holder Clip or any standard mop holder and handle.
  • Heavy duty weights 450g, 32 strands; medium duty weights 310g, 22 strands.
Technical Specs
  • Overall Dimensions:
  • Band Length: 4 1/2"
  • Capacity: 16 oz.
Manufacture: UNGER
Manufacture#: ST300
Qty\Package: 5
Weight\KG: 0.31
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