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UNGER | HydroPower RO Filter

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QAR 32,000.00
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SKU 4RQ011

UNGER | Hydro-Power RO Filter

The Hydro-power RO unites advanced intelligent technology, automation and user-friendly features, so you can concentrate what matters - doing a great job while you work, our unique electronic assistant, RO Smart guard will keep watch over filter's. Performance and let you know if anything needs urgent attention or services. The filter components can be changed quickly and easily without tools.


  • This handful of cutting-edge features can make a huge difference to anyone who cleans with pure water.
  • Maximum performance with pure water output up to 400 liters per hour, the Hydro-Power RO is designed to be used by 1, 2 or 3 operators simultaneously.
  • Innovative RO Smart Guard monitoring system our intelligent assistant technology eliminates guesswork from managing your filter performance and maintenance.
  • Self-maintenance technology automatic flush function before and after every use helps to prevent scaling and pollution of the RO membrane, prolonging its lifetime and reducing running costs.
  • Compact and robust design with its smart contemporary look and high quality workmanship, the Hydro-Power RO is build to last.
  • Ultra fast and easy care user-friendly fast-lock opening mechanism speeds up replacement of filters cartridges by up to 30 times.

Manufacture: UNGER

Manufacture#: RO40C

Qty/Package: 1

Weight/Kg: 0.1

Made in Germany

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