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Quick Call? ☎ +974-44314248

Azoss : Your Partner for Cleaning and Hospitality

About us

What we Do

Azoss is One Stop Shop for Cleaning Services & products such as chemicals. Air fresheners, disposable work clothes, Waste management and more than 10,000 Industry related products.

We Provide Hospitality & Cleaning solutions for all industries, Including Food chain, Hospitality, Catering, Facility Management, Healthcare and Commerce.

Solutions are wide-ranging, innovative and sustainable, with the company taking a highly responsible approach to chemicals and other products we sell.

Our areas of expertise include Restaurants, Hotels, Malls, Corporate Office, Hospital and Residential Cleaning. We aim to provide quality service to our customer as we believe that clean and healthy environment is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health.

Our Values


  • Innovation: Provide technologically advanced products & technical support services that are compliant with or exceed international standards
  • Loyalty: Generate customer loyalty by providing customers the best hygiene solutions & service with optimal added value in everything that we do.
  • Integrity: A code of conduct that encompasses high standards of integrity, ethics and respect with suppliers, customers and our staff.
  • Sharing: We work together to share our skills & knowledge to ensure our staff can achieve their best for the benefit of our customers and our staff.
  • Development: On-going development, training and care of our staff so that they are equipped to provide excellence in all we do.

Our Story

Established in 2013, We now operate in Qatar, UAE, and the UK.

Our mission is to protect and enhance our customers' reputation by partnering with them to provide sustainable solutions that achieve the highest standards of Services, enabling them to work more efficiently, economically, and safely so that their business can provide the finest quality products and services

At Azoss, We Train and care of our staff so that they are equipped to provide excellence in what we do, and Generate customer loyalty by providing customers the best hygiene solutions & service with optimal added value in everything that we do.

Our Services

At Azoss, we excel in providing multiple services that are provided by high quality and efficient workforce with experience spanning for years of proved skillful work, where we don’t stop at providing cleaning products only, but we also provide the required services by the customers to cover all their needs and meet their expectations.

Additionally, we have extended our services to provide them in Dubai, and London.

Hospitality Services

We at Azoss provide different hospitality services, owning highly experience employees in the hospitality world, where our services include the following:

  • Providing working services in kitchens, such as cooks, chefs and their assistance.
  • Providing experienced workers in serving the customers in restaurants and providing meals.
  • Coffee presenting workers, in various drinks and tea for the employees and guests in a friendly way with the best timing.

These services are considered to be a landmark in the Arabic hospitality program, which makes it important to choose the suitable workers to provide such services. The chosen individuals attend condensed courses to succeed in this mission.

Resturant Cleaning

Being a leading name for restaurant cleaning in Qatar. We have helped to maintain and preserve the reputation of several big chains in the country so far. What sets us apart is combining our both experience in products knowledge gained though our distribution center, the utilization of innovative cleaning technology and our precise attention to detail in upholding the hygiene quotient of your restaurant

One bad experience for your guests can certainly damage your reputation. Azoss understands this risk and guarantees highly professional restaurant cleaning service.

Azoss has a dedicated and separate team for both the restaurant in- house cleaning & kitchen cleaning. This makes the job to be done simultaneously by the professionals of each department.

Our kitchen cleaning service aims to achieving the hygienic best using the most biodegradable and environment friendly agents of international standards, certified and permissible to be used in kitchen by Qatar law.

Malls & Retails Cleaning

Azoss cleaning services is one of the leading providers of retail cleaning services in Doha, Qatar. At the point when your retail space needs an in-depth clean, be it post construction or end of season cleaning, it can be tranquil assignment to discover somebody fit for doing it to an adequate standard.

We can guarantee of providing a spotless and clean premises where all your guests and customers are welcomed to a unique experience, which in turn helps you achieve your business targets.

Areas covered during our Retail Cleaning Service

  • Showroom area
  • Reception & Counters
  • Cabinets & Shelves
  • Floor
  • Washroom
  • Store
  • Window Cleaning

School & university Cleaning

Azoss Cleaning Service understands this risk and guarantees highly professional school/university cleaning service. We achieve this high- end cleaning done using the most biodegradable and environmentally friendly products.

We are confident of providing you with the tidiest campus with our highly proficient team maintaining a constant check. We format a very tight schedule for the cleaning team, which ensures the best results in place.

Why Choose Azoss for School/University Cleaning:

  • Our certified cleaning professionals have years of industry experience.
  • Our team uses eco-friendly cleaning agents to protect both your campus and the environment.
  • We have access to best-in-class cleaning tools that offer the desired outcome.
  • Our experts are well-versed with varied challenges in school/university cleaning, so they use the cleaning agents accordingly and make it sparkle clean.
  • Our cleaning experts maintain unparalleled professionalism; they will never disappoint you with their work.
  • Our team maintains swift communication to avoid misunderstandings.
  • We are devoted to delivering excellent customer service.
  • We are committed to meeting deadlines.


Floor Care

Azoss Cleaning Service provides unparalleled Floor Care choices in Doha, Qatar. Our highly professional cleaning experts evaluate the status and nature of your floor and propose the best solution to turn it glittery new.

Floor care becomes necessary due to regular usage which takes away the shine and polish in the due course. We provide floor cleaning services for both residential and commercial sectors. Our floor cleaning system has been developed and perfected over years.

Our focus is to provide thorough and detailed floor cleaning services with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

Azoss follows different procedures for different floor types and conditions. Marbles and Granites are polished and crystallized using the best-in-class agents. This is performed using high speed single disk floor machine.

This procedure helps to bring the long last glow and shine of your floor. On the other hand, the tiles are polished using approved floor care products which gives it a natural radiance on completion.

Furniture Cleaning

One of the most renowned names in the cleaning service industry in Doha, Qatar, Azoss provides unbeaten furniture cleaning services for both residential and commercial sectors.

We not only have an incredible team of certified sofa cleaning experts, but it has years of experience as well. Our competent professionals have a proven track record of offering top-notch sofa cleaning services in Doha.

Why Choose Azoss for Sofa cleaning services

  • We have certified sofa cleaning professionals, who are well- versed with advanced cleaning tools and technique.
  • Our team uses eco-friendly sofa cleaning agents that extend the lives of your valuables and save the environment too.
  • We have years of experience that is essential for restoring your valuables into their original condition.
  • Our team never hesitates to make extra efforts to fulfill your unique requirements.
  • Our passionate team offers sofa cleaning services at your place.
  • As a business, we work with our clients with the intent to build lasting relationships.

Window & Facade Cleaning

Using water fed poles is extremely quicker than using other access methods for window cleaning. Using water-fed poles allows us to access windows of up to heights of 80ft quickly and efficiently, giving our clients huge savings in addition to health and safety benefits (we are not working from a height).

We can provide our clients with savings of up to 42% when using this method compared to other window cleaning access methods.

Azoss is an extremely professional and experienced window cleaning company; we pride ourselves on being highly reliable and efficient.

Our reach & wash window cleaning teams have access to handheld PDAs, allowing them to have constant communication between both the client and our head office.

All our window cleaners are fully trained and highly experienced, producing results which exceed expectations every time.

With the goal of enhanced convenience throughout the ordering process, our online buying platform focuses on providing customers with great experience through simplifying the way they search for the products they need when they need it. let you Search by application, Product category, brand, manufacturer model number, Azoss product code, and description of the products, select the products you need and the website will navigate you through the accessories and related items you need to complete your purchase.

Our Partners


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Oxygen Powered

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Our mission is to offer brides, caterers, party planners and regular families a better option than traditional cloth napkins and grocery store disposable napkins. SimuLinen products are always disposable. We are delighted to offer free samples as we know that napkins matter – the color, the texture and the quality all add up to the experience of the meal – and we want to make sure it’s perfect. Please reach out to Customer Support to request your samples.