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DETIAL B-500 | chlorinated alkaline non-foam detergent

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DETIAL B-500 Chlorinated Alkaline Non-Foam Detergent

The DETIAL B-500 chlorinated alkaline non-foam detergent is a powerful non-foaming cleaner specially formulated to clean and disinfect in the food industry.


  • This chlorinated alkaline non-foam detergent is specially recommended to clean and disinfect in the dairy and drink etc. industries(circuits, filling machines, tanks, dispensers) as well as cattle farms to clean and disinfect tanks, circuits, milking equipment and demanding cleaning tanks in general that require a total lock of foam as it acts a contact disinfectant on surfaces, equipment and C.I.P. circuits.
  • Bactericidal Activity: The product complies with UNE-EN 13697 diluted in 1% water at 5 minutes(Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus hirae) and diluted in water to 2.5% at 5 minutes(Listeria Monocytogenes).


  • The use of this product to disinfect by contact in the food industry must be done without food present or nearby.
  • Disinfection by Contact: with a cleaning cloth, sponge, mop or immersion in the product diluted in water. Before applying the product, the surface must be cleaned by specialized professionals.
  • It is necessary to take every precaution to remove all traces of the components in food, machinery or utensils that are used in areas treated with DETIAL B-500. Rinse with water before use.
  • Dairy Industry: Cleaning of plants, milking equipment , cooling tanks, deposits, pipes, etc. pre-wash with water and recirculate the detergent for 15 minutes, diluted at 1% at 40_C. Rinse with water until the product is completely removed(neutral pH).
  • Drinks Industry: Suited for general cleaning of the plants. For C.I.P. circuits, use diluted at 1%. It can be increased up to 3% in volume if necessary.
  • Bottle Rinsing: It can be used in any rinsing machine. The concentration varies between 1-5% in volume, depending on dirtiness, water conditions, and any kind of cleaning.
  • officially register of pest control substances inscription number 10-20-03937 HA.

Manufacture: EUROSANEX

Manufacture#: DAL0242

Qty/Package: 20L

Weight/Kg: 20Kg


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