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HVAC Scent Diffuser for Large Area

Original price QAR 1,000.00 - Original price QAR 1,000.00
Original price
QAR 1,000.00
QAR 1,000.00 - QAR 1,000.00
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SKU 1AF400

Azoss HVAC Scent Diffuser for Large Area Via Air Condition

Upgrade your space with the ultimate fragrance experience! Our innovative bluetooth HVAC scent diffuser seamlessly integrates with your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system to deliver consistent, room-filling aroma throughout your entire environment.


  • Bluetooth Control: Manage fragrance diffusion, intensity, and scheduling conveniently from your smartphone.
  • Large Coverage Area: Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, homes, and more.
  • Adjustable Scent Intensity: Control the strength of the fragrance to suit your needs.
  • Long-lasting fragrance delivery: Enjoy continuous aroma for hours.
  • Create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere for customers and employees.
  • Neutralize unwanted odors naturally.
  • Enhance brand perception and customer experience.
  • Boost employee morale and productivity.
  • Customize your fragrance experience with ease.
  • Enjoy worry-free, long-lasting scent diffusion.
  • Color: White

Manufacture#: 1AF400

Qty/Package: 1 Pc

Weight/Kg: 5

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