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AZOSS | Metal Floor Squeegee with Handle, 55cm

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SKU 4RR459

Azoss Metal Floor Squeegee with Handle 55cm

Azoss metal floor squeegee with handle 55cm - a powerful tool designed to meet the high cleanliness standards of Qatar. This floor squeegee is your go to solution for effortlessly maintaining pristine surfaces.


  • Azoss metal floor squeegee is rigorously tested to with stand the demands of Qatar's diverse environments. Built with robust materials, it guarantees long-lasting performance in both residential and commercial uses.
  • The high-quality rubber blade efficiently removes water and liquids, leaving your floors dry and streak-free. Achieve professional-level results with every pass, promoting a safe and clean environment.
  • Azoss metal floor squeegee is a versatile tool that effortlessly tackles a variety of floor cleaning challenges.
  • Azoss metal floor squeegee is designed to work seamlessly on various floor surfaces. Maintain the cleanliness of your space with confidence, no matter the floor type.


Manufacture: EUROSANEX

Manufacture#: PLX8400

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