LUBACIN A-DA | Alcohol Surface Disinfectant, 4X5 L

LUBACIN A-DA | Alcohol Surface Disinfectant, 4X5 L

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Alcohol Surface Sanitizer
The LUBACIN A-DA bactericide is a powerful bactericide specially formulated to be used in the food industry to disinfect all kind of surfaces and materials. This bactericide has a high antimicrobial effect and is effective against a large range of germs and Gram+ and Gram- Bactericidal activity: The product meets the norm UNE-EN 13697 at 5 minutes (Escherichia coli, Pseudonomas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytocenes, etc.). It is formulated without colourant or perfume and it evaporates quickly because of its high alcohol content.
  • Instructions: When using the product to disinfect surfaces and machinery in the food industry, no food should be present or near. It is necessary to take every precaution to remove all traces of LUBACIN A-DA in food, machinery or utensils disinfected with the product. Thus, the areas treated with the product should be thoroughly rinsed with drinkable water before resuming normal use. LUBACIN A-DA is sprayed over surfaces and equipment pure, not diluted. Leave acting at least five minutes to reach full bactericide potential. Small pieces can also be immersed in the product. Authorised for the food industry. Registry number 14-20-02976 HA
Manufacture: Eurosanex
Manufacture#: DDD 2300
Bar Code: Made In Spain
Qty\Package: 4X5 Liters
Weight\KG: 20

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