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DETIAL B-100 | alkaline non-foam detergent - Especially for circuits C.I.P.

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DETIAL B-100 Alkaline Non-Foam Detergent - Especially for Circuits C.I.P

The DETIAL B-100 alkaline non-foam detergent is non-forming highly alkaline product specially formulated for demanding circuit C.I.P. cleaning in the food industry.


  • This alkaline non-foam detergent very effectively cleans installations and circuits in the dairy, soft drinks, and juices etc. industries as well as cattle farms.
  • Dairy Industry: Cleaning of plants, milking equipment, pasteurization machines, tanks, pipes, etc. pre-wash with water and then recirculate DETIAL B-100 for 15 minutes, diluted at 1-2% at a temperature of 50_C. Rinse with water until clean(neutral pH).
  • Drink Industry: Suitable for general plant cleaning. For C.I.P. circuits, use a 1-2% dilution, in hot or cold conditions. It can be increased to 5% in volume if necessary.
  • Bottle Rinsing: It can be used in any rinsing machine. The concentration varies between 1-5% in volume, depending on dirtiness, water conditions and kind of cleaning.

Manufacture: EUROSANEX

Manufacture#: DAL0212

Qty/Package: 20 Liter

Weight/Kg: 20Kg

Made in Spain

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