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Simulinen Premium Cloth-like white dinner napkin 17in

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SKU 4RR445
Linen feel-like Napkin
Dinner Napkins has the look and feel of cloth linen, but with the cost effectiveness and disposable convenience of paper. We now offer the convenience of a discreet pocket that allows the option of holding utensils for convenience and an added touch of elegance to your table setting. The secrets are in the revolutionary technology of fusing cotton and paper towels to produce an elegant and soft, yet durable finish product. A fresh, clean appearance every time out of the box, it is ideal for that large gathering of friends and family or an intimate dinner for two.
  • Discreet Pocket allows you to insert utensils for easy and convenient place setting. Pocket is so discreet that you won’t even notice it if you choose not to use it!
  • It’s hard to find a durable, high quality napkin that’s thick enough to be sufficient for any meal. SimuLinen’s Napkins are THICK, DURABLE and ABSORBENT and your guests will surely wonder where you got them.
  • Made from the best DISPOSABLE material available on the market today, these napkins are SOFT to the touch and your mouth will thank you. Our napkins are not like paper napkins that are rough and abrasive.
  • Not only are our napkins disposable, they are also much FRIENDLIER TO THE ENVIRONMENT than re-washing cloth-linen napkins. Plus, being disposable, they make cleaning up after dinner so much easier!
  • Our napkins are large and thick enough that your guests will only need one napkin, no matter what you’re serving.
  • Elegantly designed with multiple options to complement any table setting and event.
Manufacture: Made in USA

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