DEFORT CLOSS drain pipe cleaner

DEFORT CLOSS drain pipe cleaner

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Drain pipe cleaner
DEFORT CLOSS drain pipe cleaner is a very powerful acid liquid that easily unclogs drain pipes in every sector of professional hygiene, such as hotels, bars, offices, business headquarters...
  • his drain pipe cleaner dissolves grease, cellulose, sanitary towels, food remains, and all common organic matter in clogs. Furthermore, this heavy-duty cleaner prevents bad smells in pipes.
  • nstructions:
  • Remove accumulated water in the toilet, sink, or pipe as best as possible.
  • Apply the undiluted product slowly and directly, taking great care to avoid splashing. Be careful with your face and use adequate protection equipment.
  • Leave it act for a few minutes and add abundant water to check the results.
  • Very important: Do not pour water directly over the product to prevent violent splashing. Do not mix with metals.
Manufacture: Eurosanex
Manufacture#: DES 0543
Bar Code: N\A
Qty\Package: 1 Liter
Weight\KG: 1.5

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