DETIAL DFV food-grade hypochlorite raw vegetables Sanitizer, 30kg

DETIAL DFV food-grade hypochlorite raw vegetables Sanitizer, 30kg

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food-grade Raw vegetables Sanitizer
Food-grade hypochlorite is a water-based solution of sodium hypochlorite with 150 gr/litre of active chlorine, very useful for cleaning food in all sectors of professional hygiene: food hygiene, food preparation industries, food and drinks sector, restaurants, shops, etc. This food-grade hypochlorite is recommended to clean and sanitise raw vegetables, as per WHO recommendations, and as is stated in the RD 3484/2000, on hygiene guidelines to prepare, distribute and sell processed food.
  • Submerge raw vegetables, for at least 15 minutes, in a solution of .7 ml of DETIAL DFV per litre of drinking water, equal to approximately 100 ppm of active chlorine in the water bath.
  • Rinse thoroughly with drinking water.
  • Examples: (14 drops per litre) or (70 ml per 100 litres of water).
Manufacture: Eurosanex
Manufacture#: DAL 030
Bar Code: Made In Spain
Qty\Package: 20 L
Weight\KG: 20

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