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Garbage Bags, 50x60 cm, White

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SKU 1IC050

Azoss Garbage Bags, White 50x60cm

Azoss Biodegradable Garbage Bag in a pristine white - Your ally in sustainable waste management for homes across Qatar with strong durability and eco-friendliness, The bags redefine responsible disposal, providing strength, cleanliness.


  • Crafted from biodegradable materials, Azoss biodegradable garbage bags are a conscious choice for those aiming to reduce their environmental impact. Experience guilt-free disposal with each use.
  • The bags boast a versatile thickness suitable for various types of waste. Whether it's kitchen scraps or daily disposables, the Azoss biodegradable garbage bag in white effortlessly contains your waste.
  • Whether used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or others spaces, Azoss biodegradable garbage bags in white adapt to various waste deposable needs. Experience versatility with an eco-conscious touch.
  • White
  • 2000 Bags Bundle

Manufacture: Azoss

Qty/Package: 2000 Bags

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