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Glue Board Fly Capture for Kitchens

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QAR 900.00
QAR 900.00 - QAR 900.00
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Glue Board Fly Capture for Kitchens - A state of the art solution to keep your kitchen free from flying pests in Qatar. Expertly crafted for optimal performance, this innovative fly capture device combines advanced LED technology with effective trapping, ensuring a hygienic and pest-free culinary space.


  • LED Technology: The Azoss Fly LED Capture for Kitchens features advanced LED lighting to attract flying insects effectively. Say goodbye to unwanted pests in your kitchen with this cutting-edge solution.
  • Effective Trapping: Excellent engineered for precision, this fly capture device uses a combination of LED light and trapping mechanism to efficiently capture and immobilize flying insects. Keep your kitchen environment clean and pest-free.
  • Sleek Design: With a sleek and modern design, this fly capture device seamlessly integrates into your kitchen decor. The discreet appearance ensures effective pest control without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your culinary space.
  • Innovational: Crafted to meet the specific pest control needs in Qatar. Azoss Fly LED Capture guarantees consistent and reliable performance, providing an innovative and efficient solution for kitchens.

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