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UNGER | HO350 35 cm Hang Up Tool Holder with Three Clips

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UNGER | HO350 35cm Hang Up Tool Holder with Three Clips

Keep your brooms, scrapers, squeegees, and other tools within easy reach thanks to the UNGER HO350 14" hang up tool holder. This 14" bar mounts on your wall and it has three rubber grips that you to quickly snap tools in and out. This rack provides a convenient storage solution while also keeping your supplies securely held to the wall. This hanging design helps prevent damage to brushes bristles, counters, and walls to keep them in good working order. By using this rack to hang scrapers and other small hand tools, you can help to ensure that these tools will dry out properly. When supplies are left stored in a bucket or on the ground, this can cause a breeding ground for bacteria and mold that are not only smelly but also potentially harmful to you and your customer health. Able to hold up to 3 tools, this 14" long tool holder with three clips will help to maintain organization, appearance, and sanitation in your facility.

  • Tools snap into rubber rolls in front.
  • Practical and ideal for quick access.
  • Simply attach to wall, using dowels.
  • Length: 14"
  • Maximum handle diameter: 1 3/4"

Manufacture: UNGER

Manufacture#: HO350

Qty/Package: 5

Weight/Kg: 0.28

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