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LUBACIN BIO-L biologic deodoriser 4X5 Liters

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SKU 4RR650

LUBACIN BIO-L Biologic Deodoriser 4x5 Liters

LUBACIN BIO-L biologic deodoriser is an organic product that removes bad smells caused by organic matter residues such as rubbish, grease, farces, etc. The biologic deodorizer is formed by enzymes that feed off accumulated organic matter that causes a foul smells without forming a colony. The handling of this product is totally free from danger. This biologic deodorizer is perfect to remove bad smells caused by organic residues in toilets, trash bins, and spaces with foul smells in general. It can also be used to remove unpleasant smells from pipes, pouring a little product after cleaning.


  • Clean the surface normally and let then apply the diluted product 50% in warm water with a spray and let it dry.
  • You do not need to rinse the surface with water.
  • For drains and septic tanks, manually dose from 100ml to 200ml per week, depending on the severity of the problem.
  • It can also be automatically dosed with the right appliance.
  • Results will be visible between 15-30 days after the first application.

Manufacture: EUROSANEX

Manufacture#: 4RR650

Qty/Packaging: 4x5 Liters

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