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UNGER | COMSG 15 Liters Mop Bucket with Side-Press Wringer, Grey

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QAR 370.00
QAR 370.00 - QAR 370.00
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SKU 4RP521
Double Mop Bucket, 15 Liters
Increase productivity, reduce the chance of injury, and improve your overall cleaning process with this Unger COMSG 15 Liters gray mop bucket! Designed with 2 X 7.5 Liters compartments, this bucket keeps fresh cleaning solution in the front compartment, while soiled water is directed into the rear compartment when the bottomless side-press wringer is used. This maintains cleaner mopping solution longer and reduces the amount of trips your staff has to make to empty, rinse, and refill the bucket. The ergonomic side-press wringer has a spring-loaded handle that requires minimal effort to use, which lessens the chance of injuries due to operator fatigue and discomfort. It works with both flat mops and traditional string mops. When it does come time to empty and refill this bucket, the wringer and compartment divider are removable for easier handling. This Unger mop bucket is made of durable, injection-molded polypropylene, which won't break down under harsh chemicals and resists bacteria growth, and its reversible handle can be switched from side to side for right or left-handed use. Plus, this bucket's small size is ideal for operations with little janitorial storage space! Red, yellow, green, and blue decals are included with this gray mop bucket. Use the decals to differentiate where this cleaning tool is to be used; for example, red could be used in the restroom and green in the kitchen. Using the Unger SmartColor visual coding system in your food service operation, office building, school, or health care facility, you will prevent cross contamination, improve performance, and simplify training.
  • Two compartments keep clean and dirty water separated.
  • 15L capacity.
  • Convenient handle, keeps bucket straight.
  • Labels included for colour coding.
  • Complete with vertical press.
  • Available accessories: Adapter hose WH180, side bucket SMSBG.
Manufacture: UNGER
Manufacture#: COMSG
Qty\Package: 1
Weight\KG: 5.18

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