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Soft Facial tissues Cube Box, 100 Sheets

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SKU 4RO823

Azoss 2Ply Soft Facial Tissue Cube Box 100 Sheets

Azoss 2Ply Soft Facial Tissue Cube Box - A blend of premium quality and softness designed to elevate your comfort experience in Qatar. Carefully crafted for gentle indulgence, this facial tissue cube box ensures a touch of luxury with every use.

Soft facial tissues 100 sheets, cube box suitable for hotels and restaurants refill, made of 100% pure cellulose.Specifications

  • 2PLY Softness: Azoss brings you a facial tissue cube box with the perfect balance of strength and softness. The 2Ply design ensures a gentle touch, making it ideal for all skin types and everyday use.
  • Convenient Cube Box: Designed for practicality, the cube box shape offers easy dispensing, making it a convenient addition to any home or office space in Qatar. Enjoy a sleek and functional tissue box that complements your environment.
  • Premium Quality: Azoss is committed to delivering premium quality products. Azoss 2Ply soft facial tissue cube box is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing you with a reliable and superior tissue experience.
  • 2Ply Soft Facial Tissues, Made of 100% Cellulose.

Manufacture: Azoss

Manufacture#: 4RO823

Qty/Package: 1

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