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UNGER | CEDUG Ceiling Fan Duster

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UNGER | CEDUG Ceiling Fan Duster

Microfiber ceiling fan duster easily and effectively cleans all shapes and sizes of ceiling fan blades even wide blades. The plush microfiber strands aggressively trap and hold dirt. The microfiber sleeve is removable and machine washable. Use this duster by hand or attach to any telescopic pole for high access cleaning.


  • Microfiber Cleaning Head: Traps dust and allergens effectively without scratching delicate surfaces.
  • Extendable Handle: Adjusts to various lengths, reach up to [maximum reach] for effortless cleaning.
  • Bendable Head: Conforms to the shape of your fan blades for comprehensive dust removal.
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: Ensures comfortable cleaning without straining your arms.
  • Eliminate dust and cobwebs from your ceiling fans quickly and easily.
  • Improve indoor air quality by removing allergens and dust particles.
  • Protect your furniture and belongings from dust settling.
  • Reach high ceilings effortlessly without the need for ladders or stools.
  • Enjoy a clean and dust-free living environment in Qatar.

Manufacture: UNGER

Manufacture#: CEDUG

Qty/Package: 5

Weight/Kg: 0.23

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